Blast Furnace is the nickname of an ancient mountain made completly out of metal. Its origin is unknown, along with how it still exists with a big lava lake in the middle.

Blast Furnace

Landscape and Characteristics

While Blast Furnace isn't the highest mountain, it is one of the most difficult mountains to climb because of the extreme heat of the iron surface. It is completely made out of iron, palladium, coagulated mercury and other metals. It also has a lava lake in the middle even though the mountain doesn't melt.


No matter the temperature, Blast Furnace is always extremely hot to the touch and even off the touch. It never rains or snows because all rain and snow turns into damp when even nearing the mountain. This mountain is possibly hotter than Garita. Contrary to popular belief, Blast Furnace is not a volcano, because it never erupts or erupted and there is no pressure on and under the mountain, there even aren't earthquakes.



While no-one wants to live on the mountain itself, there are some small villages near the mountain for protection from earthquakes.

Dragon Species

Blast Furnace is inhabited by the dragons named after the metals the mountain is composed of, and some Fire/Light elementals. The magic of the mountain makes the dragons comfortable to live here, even for dragons adapted to live in cold or wet climates. For some reason the Swamp Dragon lives here too, which is strange, as there are no forests or lakes and no food for them. It is unknown how they even survive the heat or don't die of starvation, some theorize the Swamp Dragons on Blast Furnace are carnivores hunting for the other dragons.


Plants are unable to grow on the mountain.

Non-Dragon Creatures