Bizurian Dragon
Elements: Galaxy
Type: Galaxy
Rarity: Not From This World
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Photosynthetic
DDLA Rank:
The Bizurian Constellation is often regarded as the symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts. Its twin heads represent the branching paths at the outset of a journey and guide young travelers who have lost their way in the night. It seemed fitting, then, that the bizurian eggs found after the Star Fall should be given to the newest dragon breeders in the Vale.
    —Nogard's description of the bizurian dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Bizurian Dragon is an epic dragon of the Galaxy element.





The two heads will cooperate in battle, and touching the wings with starry marks will cause a lot of (horrible) side-effects, from which only a few are known.


Bizurian dragons are large and as they live in outer space, they have almost no predators.

Other Abilities

Gravity has no effect on the bizurian dragon and it doesn't need to breathe air or anything for that matter.

Breath Weapon

The bizurian dragon will breath stardust with the same strange side-effects as their wings.


Their Galaxy magic on their wings has no effect on Galaxy dragons and because they live almost only in the Bizurian Constellation, their only predators are other bizurian dragons.



Bizurian dragons lives in the Bizurian Constellation, and possibly other constellations, though this is the only place it has been found. Those whose eggs fell down on earth live high in the sky, without specific regions (although they will never go to the side of the Earth that is not facing towards the Bizurian Constellation.)

Preferred Home

They will live anywhere in the Bizurian Constellation and the sky.


Bizurian dragons do not build nests and rarely sleep.


Like all Galaxy dragons, the bizurian dragon feeds itself using photosynthesis, but will use the glow of the Bizurian stars instead of the sun. Even those who live on Earth will get their power from these stars. Those who live in parks will not be able to feed on photosynthesis because of special park magic, but will be fed fresh Dragon Treats instead.


Behavior and Personality

Bizurian dragons are calm dragons which just float around in the Bizurian Constellation or high up in the Earth sky.

Social Order

Bizurian dragons will almost give no reaction when meeting others of its breed, except when it wants to mate.

Relationship to Wizards

The bizurian dragon will rarely meet wizards; when it does so, it will rarely react, though.

Life Cycle


When a bizurian dragon wants to mate, it will just go to the dragon it wants to mate with. For some reason, this other mate will then "automatically" fall in love with it, too.


The egg is left as soon as it is laid and will just float around until it hatches. However, from time to time, it will fall down on Earth along with some meteorites. Once, during an event later called the "Star Fall", a lot of eggs fell down at the same time which confirmed the existence of the Galaxy dragons.


Baby bizurian dragons will act just like adults; they will just fly around.


Not much has changed in behavior since its baby stage.


The adult bizurian dragon will still act almost completely the same except that it will try to find a mate now.

Life Span

Galaxy dragons, in general, can become very old. Bizurian dragons can become almost a million years old.



Noel DePlante had discovered the bizurian dragon for a long time, however the Magic-Using Community only wanted to confirm its existence after the Star Fall.

Origin of Name

The bizurian dragon is named after the constellation it lives in and is displayed on its wings.


Bizurian dragons have Galaxy magic. This enables then to travel faster than the speed of light, derive energy from cosmic radiation, and manipulate physics enough to use telekinesis.

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