The dragons which are the best at Staring Contests. In the wild, it is allowed to blink in a Staring Contest, but in The Dragon Games this is not allowed. This list also includes dragons which do not hold Staring Contests in the wild.


  1.  Wraith Dragon - This dragon's calm and piercing eyes give everyone staring in it the shivers, making everyone want to look away, is the most popular dragon used in Staring Contests in The Dragon Games. Retina, a wraith dragon, is the current record holder for longest-lasting staring contest.
  2. Lightning Dragon - Staring Contests are the most popular game among these dragons, and they even use it to defend their territory.
  3. Pepper Dragon - One of the few dragons known to actively engage in a Staring Contest with Lightning Dragons. They are not scared of Wraith Dragons but easily distracted.
  4. Cyclops Dragon - Even though they only have one eye, these dragons could stare for days if they wanted.
  5. Double Leap Year Dragon - These dragons use only one head in contests against other species, but the two heads like to hold Staring Contests with each other too.
  6. Flash Dragon - These dragons can watch each other for hours without blinking, and about a day when blinking is allowed. However, they are not allowed in The Dragon Games as they blink so fast that it is impossible to tell if one blinked.
  7. Wind Dragon - Though these dragons do not hold Staring Contests in the wild, they have eagle eyes and can watch without blinking for a longer time than most other dragons.
  8. Ooze Dragon - These dragons may blink a lot, in the wild the rule is not looking away or giving up so that isn't a problem for these slimey beasts. Even when they are distracted, it still looks while turning its head, and turning a head goes veeeeeeery slow.
  9. Promethium Dragon - These dragons never get tired and can look for years if they wanted, but usually they don't want to and do some other things in their short life.
  10. Dodo Dragon - Dodo Dragons are known for staring at humans with dumb-looking faces. They also do this in Staring Contests to make other dragons think "Come on, do I have to look at THIS face?" Actually, these dragons are pretty smart.

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