Berry Bauble

A Berry Bauble

The Berry Bauble is a treat grown in Treat Farms to feed dragons in parks. In the past the wild form was common in the coastal areas of the tropics and in the Shimmering Isles, but because of overcollecting this is no longer the case, and they are believed to be extinct in the wild. Dragons find them delicious, but be warned: it is poisonous for humans.


The Berry Bauble looks a lot like a La Reine d'Oysters. However, the "pearl" (which is actually a berry) is much lighter and softer, and the "shell" feels like its made out of leaves. Actually, the two parts of the shells are leaves.

Magical Properties

The Berry Bauble truly is strange. For dragons, it has an "umami" taste, but is tastes bitter and even poisonous for humans. One berry does not contain enough poison to be deadly, but after eating a whole berry the next even smallest piece may be fatal, to children even 3/4 of a berry may cause death. The berry does not contain any vitamins and doesn't improve anything on the dragons, but it still remains the favorite treat of most dragons.


The Berry Bauble was discovered by Mohs on The Shimmering Isles (at this point they grew in the wild too). He thought he found a La Reine d'Oysters, as the plant growed on Insulareginae and tried to collect the La Reine de Pearls, but he quickly discovered it wasn't the rare oyster type. First of all, before trying to lift the pearl, he noticed there was no oyster inside, just a pearl and a shell. And, both the shell and the pearl were much softer. The pearl also was very light, but he couldn't lift it higher than 10 cm because the pearl/berry was attached to a vine. A Ruby Dragon flew by and ate a small part of the berry. Mohs tried the same but got a severe stomachache. However, he told everyone of the plant the dragons found so delicious and took some seeds along with him. However, as he was the only one with the seeds, other Park Keepers just took the plants to their parks without growing them.  This way the plant disappeared in the wild. Mohs then started to grow his seeds and collected the seeds from the grown plants and sold those for a high price on the market. It remains the most expensive treat today.

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