Auric Thatche
Species: Human
Homeland: Unknown
Gender: Male
Profession: Treasure Hunter
Date of Birth: November 14, 2183
Date of Death: Unknown

Auric Thatche (born November 14, 2183) was a famous treasure hunter known not only for his exploits in pilfering, plundering and pirating, but also for being the first to discover the Gold Dragon, the first dragon of the Treasure element known.



Not much is known about Auric Thatche's early life, but it is known that he grew up poor and learned to steal at a very young age or else go hungry. He also learned to envy the rich and their treasure.

Later Life

From the age of sixteen, Auric Thatche was traveling the world, plundering ancient ruins and shipwrecks. He searched The Glittergold Mountains for The Golden Land of Aurandia, but failed to find it. However, he decided to build a fortress in The Glittergold Mountains to store his plunder.

He accidentally discovered the gold dragon when his treasure hoard attracted its attention. As related by Nogard in the Book of Dragons, his treasure began vanishing overnight, but he saw no sign of thieves. He pretended sleep in hopes of catching the treasure stealer and sure enough, witnessed the gold dragon sneaking in and flying off with as much as it could carry.

Once, Auric Thatche was seriously injured in an accident while climbing some mountains in a remote village. A great witch and skilled herbomancer, Rudna, who happened to live there, used her potions to save his life. Thatche had always worked alone, but he offered to let the young witch come with him on this treasure hunting expeditions. She agreed and they traveled together for eight years before they married and settled down in Thatche's fortress. While they were living together, the treasure hoard attracted a silver dragon, the second treasure dragon to be discovered, which they both immediately recognized to be a new species. However, Thatche was bored with his new life and Rudna was lonely. Thatche wanted to go back to treasure hunting and Rudna wanted to return to her quiet village and her friends and family, healing everyone's ills with her potions and helping people. She begged Thatche to come with her, but he couldn't part with his treasure. So she left him, and Thatche, trying to fill the hole in his heart, sailed to The Shimmering Isles to plunder the Isle of Ulmek of its valuable jade. After setting off on that voyage, he was never heard from again. It is believed he was either shipwrecked in The Crimson Sea or taken by pirates.

Rudna never gave her heart to anyone else, but she became a dragonologist specializing in Treasure dragons.


Auric Thatche is credited with the discovery of the gold dragon and the wanton destruction of many historical sites and artifacts. Many ruins, especially ruins of the Sand Kings civilization, were found by Thatche before archaeologists found them, pillaged and damaged beyond repair.

Famous Quotes

"What the...!?"
    —Thatche, when he saw the gold dragon stealing his treasure. (He didn't finish because the dragon charged him and almost collapsed a pillar onto him.)