Arctic Dragon

Arctic Dragon Adult


Arctic Dragon Baby

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Elements: Cold
Type: Golden Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Quadruped Dracon
Diet: Piscivore
DDLA Rank:
Hailing from the far South, the arctic dragon is a rare sight in climates comfortable for wizards. The warrior-witch Hildegard Drakkenfjord is said to have walked across the Sea of Kizmar with two arctic dragons by her side, freezing the water beneath them as they went. This feat got her an epic poem written in her honor, but it's said her feet were never warm again.
    —Nogard's description of the Arctic dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Arctic Dragon is a rare golden hybrid of the Cold and Earth elements. It's main element is Cold.





The arctic dragon has sharp teeth and claws and is as skilled in fight as a wolf.


The arctic dragon is hard to see in its snowy habitat and sneaks upon its enemy and only blows its cover when it's too late to run or hide.

Other Abilities

The arctic dragon can survive in the coldest temperature existing and in pretty warm temperatures too.

Breath Weapon

The arctic dragon sets up snowstorms with its howl. In parks this effect is reduced to some snowflakes.


The arctic dragon has a thin skin and doesn't do to well in super-heated enviroments.



Arctic dragons live in The Far South and on small islands in the Sea of Kimzar. They also have been found near the town of Vinturfjord.

Preferred Home

They prefer cold places with enough light to see providing shelter. Small open caves or snowy pits covered by plants are ideal.


The arctic dragon shares the cave or pit with the rest of its horde and uses this place as a nest and shelter.


Arctic dragons freeze water, then pick the giant ice lumps out of the sea, break them, separate the fish from the ice and swallow the fish.


Behavior and Personality

The arctic dragon often attacks everything it sees as dangerous. Contrary to the myths, they do not attack humans unless provoked.

Social Order

Arctic dragons may be a rare sight, but when you see one it will most likely live in a horde with others of its species.

Relationship to Wizards

The arctic dragon normally flees when it sees humans, though some hordes are very curious and follow them, sneaky or not. Older arctic dragons may see humans as mere nuisances.

Life Cycle


The arctic dragon mates with others in the horde.


Arctic dragons protect the eggs with the whole might of the horde.


Infant arctic dragons are fed and protected by the horde. It develops a bond with every other dragon in the horde but still especially with its parents.


An adolescent is trained in battle techniques and fishing by the elders of the horde. An adolescent usually masters these things the year before its adulthood.


Adult arctic dragon have to search a mate and must choose carefully because it may not mate with others after. It now has to hunt for all other infants and has to protect the horde.

Life Span

An arctic dragon lives about 140 years.



Arctic dragons were discovered by Hildegard Drakkenfjord. She walked over the Sea of Kimzar with two of these dragons to show this new breed to The Great Nogard.

Origin of Name

Hildegard named the arctic dragon after the fact that they live in (ant)arctic areas.


Arctic dragons can use Cryomancy and Terramancy. They appear to have minor control of Psarimancy but this hasn't be confirmed yet.

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