Apocalypse is an Epic element.

Characteristics of Apocalypse dragons

Apocalypse Elemental dragons are the most feared type of elemental dragons. They are very big compared to other Epic dragons and are very formidable opponents in a battle, rarely being defeated in a fight. Their breath is mostly consists of a gas, mist, or a burst of powerful fire that can incinerate anything in their path, with the exception of the Zombie Dragon. Usually, the soot left after the fire will promote plant growth, so park keepers usually have a few Ragnarok or Ouroboros Dragons to breath fire on a patch of land to fertilize it, but this is not the case for Omen Dragons, whose breath will curse their surroundings for years.

List of Apocalypse Dragons

Apocalypse magic

Apocalypse magic is called Mælstromancy.

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