Animaliamancy is an ancient magic including communicating with animals. Though a lot of dragons look like animals, the only extant dragon species we know of with this magic is the Plains Dragon. It is thought that in ancient times, all dragons had this magic, but evolution made this stop so the dragons could develop their elemental magics more. This would explain why in cave drawings dragons often appear playing with animals and traces of dragon magic from ancient times often are much less powerful than now. Wizards are currently unsure if the traces of Animalimancy found in the Plains Dragon could usher in a resurgence of this long-extinct magic.

Branches of Animaliamancy

As Animaliamancy is a hybrid magic, it does not have any branching magics, though some wizards say that Psarimancy is a branch of Animaliamancy. (Actually, Psarimancy is a branch of Hydromancy)

Applications in wizardry

Animaliamancy does not have much use in wizardry, though it is sometimes used by farmers to know if their animals are happy or not, and when a mysterious beast attacks and kills them, if the animals have seen what beast it was so the farmer can protect them.

Notable Animaliamancers

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