The All-Consuming Hedge is an extremely invasive species of broadleaf evergreen shrub.


The All-Consuming Hedge is similar in appearance to a boxwood. It has small, round, shiny leaves and dense foliage. However, it is distinguished by its ability to grow and spread incredibly quickly. If planted in a park, it can cover an entire island in a week!


All-Consuming Hedges grow wild in the Far East and the Forests of Schloss, but they are so invasive they are spreading toward the Scar of the World and northward.

Magical Properties

All-Consuming Hedges are very hard to eradicate, but do not seem to have any magical properties.

Maintenance in Parks

Don't plant an All-Consuming Hedge in your park! Just don't. They're called All-Consuming Hedges for a good reason. One wizard planted an all-consuming hedge in his park and within 30min his park (and him and his dragons too,) were covered with the plant.

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