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Elements: Air
Type: Primary
Rarity: Common
Form: Amphither
Diet: Omnivore
DDLA Rank:
Air dragons spend almost their entire lives in the air -- eating, playing and even sleeping without ever touching the ground. It is rare indeed that anyone ever gets to view this dragon up close. Wizards have confirmed that this dragon is the result of breeding fire and water dragons.
    —Nogard’s description of the air dragon in The Book of Dragons.

The Air Dragon is a primary dragon of the Air element.


Air dragons, unlike most dragons, are covered in feathers instead of fur, scales, or skin. Their contour feathers, which cover their bodies, can be a variety of shades of dark blue, while their flight feathers are a bright sea-foam green. Their bodies are about medium length, but quickly taper off into a thin tail, tipped with a large puff of feathers. Similarly, their neck is coated with a large ruff of blue and green feathers, and their chin often has a feather hanging off it. Their horns are large and cream-colored, bending forward at the tip.

The Elder air dragon gains an increase of feathers in its ruff and tail tip, and many of its feathers gain a yellow tint along their edges. They also gain an extra pair of horns and a rather impressive "goatee" of feathers.



Air dragons have powerful wings that have air magic woven into them. By beating them, they can create powerful gusts of wind, strong enough to knock a wizard over.


Air dragons are among the fastest dragons and can fly at top speed for hours or even days. They can out-distance most predators within minutes.

Other Abilities

Tireless, swift and agile fliers, air dragons never land. They eat, sleep, and mate in midair. They require only a couple hours of sleep per day, usually gained in short intervals while gliding at high altitudes. They have excellent eyesight.

Breath Weapon

The air dragon is able to exhale large gusts of wind, using the same air magic that permeates its wings. Although, its breath is not as powerful as its wingbeats.


If knocked out of the sky, an air dragon faces certain death. Air dragons cannot take off from the ground without wizard intervention.



Air dragons are found mostly on Aeolia, a continent to the far west, but they can be found in the Berrywhite Mountains as well, and on rare occasions can be sighted almost worldwide. When food becomes scarce, air dragons will migrate east to the mainland. Air dragons are also found in the Verulean Lowlands and on various islands.

Preferred Home

Air dragons prefer to fly above jungles and forests where there is lots of food. They like high altitudes.


Air dragons spend all their time flying and do not build nests.


Air dragons eat anything they can snatch out of the air. This includes birds, insects and bats as well as high-hanging fruit and all kinds of Aeolian plants. However, the air dragon's enemies often lie in wait next to tempting clusters of fruit, waiting to knock it out of the sky.


Behavior and Personality

Air dragons are carefree, passionate, and imaginative.

Social Order

Air dragons do not have a designated social order, but they tend to be friends with everyone an a specific area in which they are often found. Groups of air dragons have no leader, but many dragons will often work together to raise young.

Relationship to Wizards

Air dragons often understand little of the events that happen on the ground, but they are friendly and often more than happy to give thrill seekers a ride. Typically they don't involve themselves in the affairs of wizards or other dragons, but there are exceptions, such Freecha's intervention as during Razzak's invasion.

When in a park


Air dragons can be breed by breeding two air dragons or an air dragon or an earth dragon to a sandstorm or dodo dragon. You could also try a water dragon to a fire dragon but this is an extremely rare outcome.


Air dragons can only live in either Air habitats or Omnitats.

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Life Cycle


Air dragons have elaborate courtship rituals in which they will dance and perform flight stunts around one another prior to mating. Not much is known about how they choose their mates.




Air dragons can fly from the moment they hatch and immediately join their parents in the sky. However, baby air dragons are a bit clumsy at first, and its parents make sure to always keep close by in case of an accidental crash.





Life Span




All of the air dragons migrated to a distant continent during The Dark War, so most humans had never heard of air dragons for a few centuries. When they were brought back in the 1300s ASW, most people were astonished that they missed a whole primary dragon.

Origin of Name

Air dragons are named for the fact that they dwell in the air.


Air dragons are associated with Aeromancy. Being primary dragons, their connection to this element is exceedingly strong. Flying phalanxes of air dragons can create hurricane-force winds as they fly, and one air dragon alone can knock a wizard over with a blast of wind. Air dragons also use their magic to hover objects in midair and move them.

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